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this blog documents all things in life that make my heart beat a bit faster – mainly being active, and the work of mother nature.  through these pages i will share the knowledge and experiences i’ve gained as a lifetime athlete, outdoor enthusiast, coach, “daddy’s little mountain goat,” and fitness fanatic with people like you, who are also passionate and enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle.

step one in living that healthy life, is making ourselves a priority.  it has become far too easy in this day and age to compromise our health for our obligations.  but ultimately, it is our decision to make. with that in mind, i vow that within thefirst2hours, i will wake up early, get outside, raise my heart rate, see the world, and not waste any precious moments.

i choose to make myself a priority, and i hope that in following my blog, you will be inspired to do so too.  should you have an interest, you can subscribe to my updates and join me on this venture by clicking on “Follow THEFIRST2HOURS” in the side bar of the blog.