Stepping Through NYC

if there is one thing i love more than joe, it is a joecation. (vacationing with joe) it could only be better if the pups were here too. but in this case it is probably a good thing they aren’t, because today I am joecationing in NYC!

work brings me to NY so much of the calendar is full, but joe and i are taking advantage of the bit of free time i have to experience this crazy amazing place. i could never live in NYC, but i sure do love visiting.  one thing i miss beyond words about living on the east coast, is the ability to walk everywhere. and this week, we will definitely be walking.

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Veteran’s Parkway and the Strand Run

when i run, i run loops.  i’ve never been a big fan of the up and back route as I like to change up my scenery.  some may think I am crazy to loop in this instance because of the beach front views along the strand that are indisputably better; but balance is a key in life, and when i run, i run loops.

the strand is a boardwalk that runs from redondo beach all the way up to manhattan beach and beyond.  the water is so close you can feel it.  it is a beautiful gift to locals and visitors alike.  but as beautiful as it is, the strand gets obnoxiously busy in peak hours, and even more so in peak season’s peak hours.  so in true vanessa style, i get a head start on everyone in thefirst2hours of my days, and i run in peace.

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How To Get Fit and Stay In Shape

“how do i get fit and stay in shape?”  “what is the best way to lose weight and be healthy?” these are both questions that i am asked frequently.

my suggestion to people seeking an answer to these questions, doesn’t involve a new scientific study that ends in me trying to sell you a product.  there are enough people trying to sell a product, or a fad.  i most certainly could list a number of thoughts in regards to one’s diet, muscle confusion, and more; but for the sake of simplicity, i am going to make this easy and leave one suggestion and one suggestion alone.  the best way to get fit and stay in shape, starts and ends with motivation.  therefore, my suggestion is to find an activity you love so much, that it doesn’t feel like something you HAVE to do, but rather something you WANT to do.

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Sunshine and a Palos Verdes Hike

this week i have returned to my former zip code – the south bay of california.  there is no shortage of beach activity in this area, but in an attempt to find some balance to my life, i sought out a change in altitude and my glowing friend tracy.  palos verdes, portugese canyone, south bay, california, hiking

something about palos verdes feels to good to be true. surely it was plucked right out of someone’s dream. not my own I must say, as my dreams are scattered with mountains; but definitely someone’s.  it hugs the coast line and it is covered with various shades of greens and blues.

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Puppy Growing Pains

one year and 3 days ago our fur baby boy was born.  for those who know nothing about vizslas, here are a few important facts about this dog breed:

1. vizslas are hungarian sporting dogs. they are excellent pointers for bird hunting families, and excellent household dogs for non-hunting families

2. they are more commonly referred to as “velcro vizslas” because they love companionship, and they LOVE snuggling

3. vizslas love to run.  vizslas NEED to run. and if vizslas don’t have the ability to run, they may possibly destroy everything that comes into their path.

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Fur Babies and a Kleiner Park Run

home is where the pups live.

when you combine my travel schedule, with the schedule of my fiancé Joe, it occasionally means that i am greeted by two loving guys when i come home from a work trip, instead of three.  meet the three guys in my life:  fisher (the fur ball), gunner (the jumper), and joe (the hunky mountain man).

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Life In a Suitcase

i travel far and often for my job. people frequently tell me that they can’t understand how i manage to stay sane while constantly being on the go. to those people i say “au contraire mon freer,” and i present beauties such as this sunrise over the red rocks of sedona:

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