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Puppy Growing Pains

one year and 3 days ago our fur baby boy was born.  for those who know nothing about vizslas, here are a few important facts about this dog breed:

1. vizslas are hungarian sporting dogs. they are excellent pointers for bird hunting families, and excellent household dogs for non-hunting families

2. they are more commonly referred to as “velcro vizslas” because they love companionship, and they LOVE snuggling

3. vizslas love to run.  vizslas NEED to run. and if vizslas don’t have the ability to run, they may possibly destroy everything that comes into their path.

our boy gunner is a great fit for our lifestyle.  joe and i are very active, always outside, and always on the go.  gunner gets to run in thefirst2hours, the middle 2 hours, and the last 2 hours of the day when mom isn’t traveling.  but occasionally life gets busy.  there are days and weeks where running opportunities are more limited.  it is in those days when gunner transforms into his alter ego, and we yearn to fast forward through the puppy growing pains.

if there were a dog that lived the dual life of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, it would be gunner.  let me further illustrate with photos of the first year in the life of a vizsla owner:

dr. jekyll sleeps like an angel.

vizsla, dog, puppy, theifrst2hours

mr. hyde pees on furniture.

vizsla, puppy,

dr. jekyll takes naps with dad.

vizsla, puppy, thefirst2hours
mr. hyde chews up dad’s hats.

vizsla, thefirst2hours, puppy

dr. jekyll lounges on the couch.

thefirst2hours, vizsla, puppy

mr. hyde chews on pens and spreads ink all over the carpet.

vizsla, puppy, thefirst2hours

dr. jekyll cuddles in bed.

vizsla, puppy, thefirst2hours

mr. hyde shreds mom’s prescription glasses into 32 pieces.

vizsla, puppy, dog, thefirst2hours

dr. jekyll loves on his brother.

vizsla, labradoodle, dog, puppy, thefirst2hours

mr. hyde grabs ground beef off of the kitchen counter and eats it raw.

vizsla, puppy, dog, thefirst2hours

 year one with this little fur baby has been a roller coaster, but he makes our life indescribably better, and we love him to pieces.  (although, i certainly won’t complain when mr. hyde begins making fewer appearances.) vizsla, thefirst2hours, dog, puppy

what activities do you do to tucker out your pups?
what is your dogs worst habit?
at what age do the "puppy growing pains" end?

8 thoughts on “Puppy Growing Pains

  1. What a great blog! Our V is about just over 2-years. We are seeing him mature more and more everyday. I’m sure he’ll never slow down, but he’s definitely becoming a great family dog.

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    • That’s Andy! There is no shortage of stories to share about life with a vizsla so I’m sure there will be plenty of more posts documenting the sweet madness ours brings to our life. 🙂


  2. Loved your post. When Alex was younger, she is about to turn 13 years old in May, I had to get on my bike and make her run right alongside me twice a week, and walks of 1 1/2 hour each time twice a day. She kept me active, to say the least, Alex’s worst habit? Sorry, I don’t think she has any. Alex’s puppy growing pains lasted for, brace yourself, 10 years. Around the age of 10, I stopped getting her to run and switched to walks only. Nowadays, she gets 2-3 walks of about 15-30 minutes each. Btw, I love vizslas. I took care of one a while ago, and I fell in love with his gorgeous eyes and face. Enjoy your puppy:-)


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