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How To Get Fit and Stay In Shape

“how do i get fit and stay in shape?”  “what is the best way to lose weight and be healthy?” these are both questions that i am asked frequently.

my suggestion to people seeking an answer to these questions, doesn’t involve a new scientific study that ends in me trying to sell you a product.  there are enough people trying to sell a product, or a fad.  i most certainly could list a number of thoughts in regards to one’s diet, muscle confusion, and more; but for the sake of simplicity, i am going to make this easy and leave one suggestion and one suggestion alone.  the best way to get fit and stay in shape, starts and ends with motivation.  therefore, my suggestion is to find an activity you love so much, that it doesn’t feel like something you HAVE to do, but rather something you WANT to do.

imagine if in every spare moment that you had, you couldn’t wait to jump on your rollerblades to cruise around town, or to grab your surf board and jump into the ocean, or to get to a studio and get your dance on.  imagine if you loved beach volleyball so much, that you wore your bathing suit under your work clothes, so that you could make a mad dash to the courts when the clock struck done-zo, and get in as many games as possible before the sun set.  (guilty as charged).

my suggestion on getting fit is to find an activity that takes over your life because of how passionate you are about it, and that coincidentally involves exercise.

for me, that activity, is volleyball.

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volleyball has guided me through life. she has been my most loyal companion. she keeps my legs strong and my waist line trim. but my incentive to play volleyball is not to lose weight. my incentive to play volleyball is that it is one of my favorite things in life.

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regardless of where i live in the nation and world, i play volleyball, as often as i can.  it appeals to my active side, my competitive side, my social side, and my outdoorsy side.

regardless of where i wander, there is a volleyball community to be found, and friends to be made.

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another great side effect in finding a fitness passion, is that you can connect with other like-minded groups of people that share in your enthusiasm.

running, for example.
it’s no secret that an endless number of running clubs exist throughout the world.  but say running isn’t your thing.

have you ever thought about becoming a dedicated disc golf player?
i bet you could find some fellow fanatics to form a fun and active life with:
disc golf lovers click here 

or how about kick ball?
this website is dedicated exclusively to kick ball communities throughout the U.S.:
kick ball lovers click here

i feel fortunate in that i actually enjoy working out.  i need to get my heart rate pumping to stay sane.  but even i can find myself short on motivation for a trip to the gym from time to time. however, the minute a friend calls me up for some games of volleyball, i’ll drop everything i am doing and speed my way to the nearest court.

“how do i get fit and stay in shape?”

1. find an activity you LOVE so much you don’t even know you are working out.

2. get involved in your community with others that have the same passion.

3. join a league or sign up for a competition that requires you to be there at certain times so that your excuses for not going impact others as well

4. have fun and get fit.

granted, finding an activity is just step one in reaching your goals.  but the less fitness feels like an obligation, the more dedicated you will be to it.   the more dedicated you are to fitness, the happier you will be.

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Click here to read about my other favorite activities:

what are your favorite fitness activities?
are you also a volleyballer? where do you usually play?

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