Stepping Through NYC

if there is one thing i love more than joe, it is a joecation. (vacationing with joe) it could only be better if the pups were here too. but in this case it is probably a good thing they aren’t, because today I am joecationing in NYC!

work brings me to NY so much of the calendar is full, but joe and i are taking advantage of the bit of free time i have to experience this crazy amazing place. i could never live in NYC, but i sure do love visiting.  one thing i miss beyond words about living on the east coast, is the ability to walk everywhere. and this week, we will definitely be walking.

a few months ago, i was curious as to what my daily activity looked like in my new life in idaho.  i workout often, but i haven’t lived somewhere that was so car dependent in a long time.  and i have been able to sense that overall life feels less active.

so i downloaded a pedometer onto my phone to see if i was getting anywhere near the recommended 10,000 daily steps. in past years, living in cities, i hadn’t ever felt the need to track my steps, because i rarely used my car. i walked most everywhere i went. but in Idaho (and most western societies) we are forced to depend on our wheels. and when i started tracking my steps, the results were astounding. on a day that i went on a run, i was guaranteed to hit my number, but what about the other days?

on a day when i went to work at the office and worked at my computer all day, i took 5,072 steps.

dogs, labradoodle, vizsla, thefirst2hourson this glorious day i went on a hike with a friend, and i took 14,940 steps.

on this day that entailed a casual day playing with my furbabies in the park and working from my home office, I took 4,812 steps.

it’s quite shocking actually!  on average, i wasn’t taking nearly enough steps.

there are many pedometer applications out there that one can download straight to their phone.   i have been using, and strongly recommend Pacer. i now find myself looking at my step number throughout the course of the day, and trying to get more steps in because of it. but for me, the biggest motivator of the Pacer application, isn’t just the number of steps, but also the activity level description. Until you hit 5,000 + steps, Pacer tells you, front and center, that your level is SEDENTARY!!!!

ahhh. that word frightens me, and i can guarantee you I will never have a day with fewer than 5,000 steps, out of fear of it.

Pacer is keeping joe and i company here in NY, as we explore the ins and outs of the city. Pacer has joined us from our lovely Gramercy hotel, to a tour of the museum at Ground Zero, to watch “The Book of Mormon” on Broadway, to the West Village for libations, and more. it has been an excellent joecation indeed!

9/11, september 11, nyc, pedometer, new york, gramercy, thefirst2hours, exercise, healthy

on day one, we didn’t land in NYC until 3pm, but even with half of our day behind us, Pacer told me that joe and I stepped 9,572 steps. our activity level was then referred to as “active” and i could rest at ease.

day two was consumed with a work function, but due to the nature of life in this city, i managed to take 17,441 steps! fantastic! and all of that was accomplished in the winter in 5 degree weather.  just imagine the miles we would walk it were actually warm outside.

nyc winter, new york city, ny, thefirst2hours, travel, pedometer, 9/11
joe and i after boarding the bus we waited on for 20 minutes when it was 3 degrees outside. it was not warm.

i love Pacer, i love joe, i love walking, i love NYC, and it is going to be a great week.

 if you haven’t ever done so, download a pedometer now, and get UNsedentary.

Click here to learn more about our fur babies:  furbabies, puppies, dogs, vizsla, labradoodle, thefirst2hours, idaho

how many steps do you take daily?
what are other recommended pedometers you’ve discovered?
any other recommended fitness trackers ?

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