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Yo Yo Yogi

what do you get if you mix the best of yoga, with people that make you smile, with bum burnin’ booty camps, with the release and spectacle of yoga boogie, with regular meet ups to celebrate the people who love to love…. one of the top 10 yoga studios in the nation!

hello yo yo yogi! and thanks for having me.

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Pro Beach Volleyball, and an Injury Report

2015 beach volleyball season has begun. tour dates have been announced, beach volleyballers across the nation are training hard, and there is sand in my bedsheets.  i love this time of year.

not too long ago, i started competing on the professional beach volleyball tour. i found a lot of success on the sand which i quickly realized was the best fit for my game. two years ago i relocated to the hub of professional beach volleyball in the u.s. (the south bay of california), to pursue my dream of playing full time.  i signed up for my first tournament, not knowing exactly where i stood when stacked up against the california girls, and my partner and i ended up winning the whole thing.  not a bad start.

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The Hairiest Man I Ever Loved

the hairiest man i ever loved goes by the name of fisher.  he greets me at the door with enthusiasm, he bathes me in kisses, he gazes straight into my eyes, he snuggles me night and day, he accompanies me on adventures, and he has the curliest, most adorable hair i ever saw.

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Hill Sprints and Lulu Rewards

having kids makes staying fit harder, it is inevitable. but having kids doesn’t have to be the end all of a mom’s fitness life.  before continuing, i will admit that while i plan on having kids eventually, i do not have any today.  so no, i do not have a personal experience with combining motherhood with fitnesshood.  but yes, […]

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Sweat On, Toxins Off

in the world of yoga, there are bikram lovers, and there are flow lovers.  there are also a million styles of yoga in between, but most people lean one way or the other. bikram = sweaty structured classes and poses.  flow = warm flowly movements.  i really enjoy both. i love sweating my brains out in a bikram class, but sometimes the classes get mundane because it is the same routine, repeated overandoverandover again.  flow classes typically mix things up a bit more.  the pieces of the workout are the same, but how they come together varies.  and i love variation.

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I Wear My Qalo

i am sure i’m not surprising anyone who has kept up with me on thefirst2hours when i say that i love workout partners. anyone who has ever played on a team can relate to the indescribable bonding that ensues hard work toward a common goal. it is motivating, fun, and for me, it yields greater results.

as life has progressed and i have gotten older, finding workout partners become exceedingly more difficult. especially when i chose to move to a more conservative state, where everyone has kids young in life. finding girlfriends to work out with in idaho has been a challenge. and i get nostalgic for the good ol days of being surrounded by a community of women who are as eager as i am to be active, and fit, together.

but there is a silver lining, i have my joe. recently i got engaged to a good-looking mountain man. there is no better work-out partner to have, than the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. staying fit is a priority in joe’s life as well. being active is what keeps us sane, and we get to be active together, forever.

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An Ode to Women

tomorrow is international women’s day, and in preparation, i thought it only appropriate to write an ode to women.

rather than writing about the women who have been instrumental in the progression of life and equality across the globe (thank you to those magnificent ladies), i wanted to write about the women who have been instrumental in the progression of MY life.  the following women feed my soul; and in their own unique ways, they provide me with ongoing inspiration to reach higher toward becoming a better version of myself.

it would be impossible to name every inspirational women in my life, but here are few that immediately come to mind:

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This Girl Can

ladies and gents, and especially, ladies. i recently discovered a campaign that i can not go another day without sharing. “This Girl Can is an england based organization that celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look, or even how sweaty they get. they’re here to […]

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HIITing it in TheFirst2Hours

sometimes i go to the gym.  i prefer to go to the court, or to the field, or to the mountains, or the the beach, or to the track, or to the trail.  but sometimes, i go to the gym. and when i do, i HIIT it.

in the words of Eric Salvador, NASM, NSCA, head instructor at The Fhitting Room in NYC,  “A high-intensity workout increases the body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery.”

in the words of vanessa, fitness fanatic, athlete, and head word splurger at thefirst2hours, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), is a training technique that forces you to give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise.

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Diversity and Destiny at the Go West Beer Fest

one of the many reasons i loved living in d.c. is the diversity of people.  but in speaking of diversity, i am not only speaking about the very present international diversity, but also the diversity of people from various parts of the u.s.  with the transient nature of the government, there are always friends to be made from every part of the country and world.  and generally speaking, they embrace each other with copious enthusiasm.  whether someone is from idaho, or vietnam, or maryland, or australia, or even maine (yes those were all the homes of my former rooomates) they all gather in d.c. in pursuit of great careers.  and they bond over their shared aspirations of making our world a better place.

it is much easier to meet someone from one’s home state if they grew up in new york, or texas. but when they hail from a western “fly over state” the frequency of those run-ins naturally diminishes. and consequently the excitement that occurs when those run-ins do occur, shoots through the roof.

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