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Diversity and Destiny at the Go West Beer Fest

one of the many reasons i loved living in d.c. is the diversity of people.  but in speaking of diversity, i am not only speaking about the very present international diversity, but also the diversity of people from various parts of the u.s.  with the transient nature of the government, there are always friends to be made from every part of the country and world.  and generally speaking, they embrace each other with copious enthusiasm.  whether someone is from idaho, or vietnam, or maryland, or australia, or even maine (yes those were all the homes of my former rooomates) they all gather in d.c. in pursuit of great careers.  and they bond over their shared aspirations of making our world a better place.

it is much easier to meet someone from one’s home state if they grew up in new york, or texas. but when they hail from a western “fly over state” the frequency of those run-ins naturally diminishes. and consequently the excitement that occurs when those run-ins do occur, shoots through the roof.

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