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An Ode to Women

tomorrow is international women’s day, and in preparation, i thought it only appropriate to write an ode to women.

rather than writing about the women who have been instrumental in the progression of life and equality across the globe (thank you to those magnificent ladies), i wanted to write about the women who have been instrumental in the progression of MY life.  the following women feed my soul; and in their own unique ways, they provide me with ongoing inspiration to reach higher toward becoming a better version of myself.

it would be impossible to name every inspirational women in my life, but here are few that immediately come to mind:


caitlin AKA ms. president

gender quality, international women's day 2015, iwd, caitlin hurley, equality, afghanistan, leadership, leader, inspiration, motivation

highly accomplished and highly humble.  i brag about her more than she would ever brag about herself. she is my journal.  get your booty back from afghanistan!


mom AKA momma

mom, momma, mothers day, international women's day 2015, iwd, omoksee, horse riding, barrels, idaho, idaho omoksee association, marsha hill, marsha bracke, inspiration

my mom rides better than your mom.

it’s a mom’s role to be there for her kids, but momma isn’t there for me because she is supposed to be, she is there for me because she wants to be. i can’t imagine where i’d be in life without her endless support. through her, i’ve learned how to be strong, successful, independent, a go getter, a hellofa competitor, and a good woman.



tara AKA schwag dawg  international women's day 2015, iwd, inspiration, tara schwager, montana, grizz, track, soccer, motivation, inspiration

when i am around schwager i want to be a better person, run longer distances, and spend more time with the people that mean the most to me.  she is the most real and natural person i know, and i can’t wait for the day when we are neighbors once again.


grandma lavonna AKA grandma dirty jokes

grandma, latimer, international women's day, gender quality, independence, inspiration, family

“what did the elephant say to the naked man?” …………
“are you gonna feed yourself with that little thing?”

(my favorite “dirty joke” from grandma)

89 years old and one of the wittiest and strongest women i know.  she has taught me the value of laughter, not taking myself too seriously, and family.



kirsten AKA team mom

international women's day, iwd, inspiration, women, equality, power, having it all, i can have it all, wyoming, cowboys, wyoming athletics, fit wall

when people say, “you can’t have it all,” i take one look at kirsten, and i can’t believe that statement to be true.  this woman, is a superwoman.  she does do it all, and manages to put everyone else’s needs above her own in the process.  she is the most selfless person i know.  and if having kids is as easy as she makes it look, i might have 12.


sister AKA sister

sister, international women's day, iwd, family, inspiration, motivation, yellowstone, wyoming, tetons, jackson hole

the best big sister a girl could ask for.  she is my rock and she is the rock for many others as well.  sister has a way of making every person she encounters feel like the most important person in the world.  but sorry folks, she is not your best friend, she is mine.  🙂


anastasia AKA nastia

russia, international women's day, iwd 2015, gender equality, travel all russia, inspiration,

when times get tough, your true friends reveal themselves and this petite russian beauty has been there for me when i needed someone the most.  family comes first in her life, and if you are lucky enough to be welcomed into her family, then you are lucky enough. i aspire to be this kind of friend to the women in my life.



ashley AKA traveler by design

ashley vonclausberg, traveler by design, international women's day, iwd 2015, inspiration, travel, adventure, tanzania, africa,

a living, breathing example of what it means to live life to the fullest.  she inspires me to travel more, put myself in uncomfortable situations, follow my heart, and never have regrets.  let’s go adventure!




little sister AKA pooh bearinternational women's day 2015, iwd, horses, horse riding, omoskee, idaho omoksee association, inspiration

my sister rides better than your sister.

she is full of passion, creativity and drive.  she knows what she wants, and she makes it happen!  stephie sue, stephie pooh, pooh bear… i love you and your goofy spirit you inherited from dad.



michele AKA the drifter

international women's day 2015, iwd, inspirational women, inspire, motivation, california, beaches, yoga,

she is the most accepting person i have ever known.  she is a soul seeker, a crazy amazing athlete, and has the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen.  she inspires me to look deeper into myself to strip away the layers; and to look deeper into others, so that i never judge anyone at face value.


heidi joy AKA lil sisheidi joy suder, international women's day, iwd 2015, gender equality, boise state, track and field, cross country, husky, wyoming,

we may not be related by blood, but we are related by heart and by faith and by love. she is my unofficially official adopted little sister, and my first phone call when i am feeling spontaneous.


…..and last, but most certainly not least…..


deserae claire AKA my favorite (and only) niece

international women's day 2015, iwd, aunt, niece, being an aunt, dimples, inspiration, motivation 

how could you not fall madly in love with this sweet dimpled darling?  she reinforces the importance of being near family when my nomadic self feels an itch to leave.  she reminds me to be carefree, and to find joy in the little things. she carries the name claire (that she inherited from grandma who we lost young in life), as a reminder to never take each other for granted.  she shows me how blessed we are in our lives.

sweet little desie is not even one year of age, but she might provide me with the most inspiration of all.



a big thanks to all of these amazing women, and to all of those not mentioned as well. you make this world a better place. you make my world a better place.  and you make me a better person!

happy international women’s day!


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