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I Wear My Qalo

i am sure i’m not surprising anyone who has kept up with me on thefirst2hours when i say that i love workout partners. anyone who has ever played on a team can relate to the indescribable bonding that ensues hard work toward a common goal. it is motivating, fun, and for me, it yields greater results.

as life has progressed and i have gotten older, finding workout partners become exceedingly more difficult. especially when i chose to move to a more conservative state, where everyone has kids young in life. finding girlfriends to work out with in idaho has been a challenge. and i get nostalgic for the good ol days of being surrounded by a community of women who are as eager as i am to be active, and fit, together.

but there is a silver lining, i have my joe. recently i got engaged to a good-looking mountain man. there is no better work-out partner to have, than the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. staying fit is a priority in joe’s life as well. being active is what keeps us sane, and we get to be active together, forever.

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