Hill Sprints and Lulu Rewards

having kids makes staying fit harder, it is inevitable. but having kids doesn’t have to be the end all of a mom’s fitness life.  before continuing, i will admit that while i plan on having kids eventually, i do not have any today.  so no, i do not have a personal experience with combining motherhood with fitnesshood.  but yes, i do have many mothering role-models to look up to as examples.  one of which, is sister. 

through her, i have witnessed how difficult it can be to stay fit as a mom with young children.  but also how important.  and when a workout is in need, there is nothing like a little creativity, and a reward of lululemon, to keep any mom motivated.

this week, sister and i missed our yoga class as she couldn’t get her 2.5 year old, and her 8 month old fed and ready in time. i’m sure that is a regular occurrence in the life of a mom.  but rather than giving up on a work-out all together, sister called me up, and we got creative.

with baby des in tow, we headed to kleiner park for some hill sprints and put together a mommy and me (and auntie) work out.  it looked a little something like this:


mom fitness, fit mom, run, running, sprints, hill sprints, exercise, sisters, motivation, inspiration


sprints in general are one of my favorite workouts to get my heart pumping.  and adding a hill to the equation, makes it even better!  sister and i alternated between running, and entertaining baby.  we did 5 rounds in total. we burned a lot of calories, we earned a lot of giggles, and we had a lot of fun.


toe touches, hill sprints, fitness mom, fit mom, mom fitness, hitt, workout, run, running, sisters



baby des even wore her purple bow for the day to match my jacket and give me added support for the work out.  she’s the sweetest.

fitness as a mom, hill sprints, sisters, niece, workout, fitness, motivation, inspiration, lulu, lululumon

i was rewarded with sweet desie snuggles.

sister was rewarded with lululemon.

can you believe she has never owned anything lulu? it was about time that changed.  so post work-out we walked over to lulu and got her all geared up.

lulu lemon, hill sprints, yoga, running, run, lulu, fit mom, mom fitness, sisters, thefirst2hours, workout, motivation, exercise des was excited for her first lulu trip as well; so naturally, we snapped a photo.

i admire those active moms out there, and someday i aspire to be one.  but in the meantime, i hope to inspire others by being an active auntie.

today, i am linking up with Jill Conyers for Fitness Friday. where you, (and i), can find an endless amount of inspirational women living a healthy life.


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