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The Hairiest Man I Ever Loved

the hairiest man i ever loved goes by the name of fisher.  he greets me at the door with enthusiasm, he bathes me in kisses, he gazes straight into my eyes, he snuggles me night and day, he accompanies me on adventures, and he has the curliest, most adorable hair i ever saw.

labradoodle, non shedding, dog breed, dog rescue


fisher is a labradoodle. and his hair grows long.

the first sign that his hair is getting too long comes in that moment when i toss him his ball, and i see him run in an opposite direction. it is adorable, but his favorite game is fetch, so i can’t have him not seeing.  in this phase of hairy, i find myself constantly trimming the hair around his eyes, and on the top of his nose, that grows into his line of vision.


fisher, labradoodle, poodle, labrador retreiver, rescue, pet, dog hair, non shedding
thank for the eye/nose trim. i can see again!


the second sign that his hair is getting too long comes when he would rather sleep on tile, than on his cozy serta dog bed next to mom (yes, he seriously has a serta).   this guy loves to snuggle, but he is so hot that he can’t bare it.  the only place he can be found is on the hard woods, or the tile floors, where he attempts to cool down.


fisher, labradoodle, retriever, lab, dog, dog lover, rescue, dog hair, non shedding, dog breeds
snow also makes me feel really good. even though it gets stuck in my hair.


the third, and last sign, that his hair is getting too long, is when i start to find his hair around the house.  labradoodles are non-shedding.  i am sure that they always shed a little, but his hair goes completely unnoticed, until phase three of hairy.   then it suddenly seems like it is everywhere.


fisher, labradoodle, dog rescue, dog breeds, lab, poodle, dog hair cut,
i love swimming.


and then comes time for a hair cut.

cutting fisher’s hair is exciting. we always have new ideas on how we can mold him into a different creature.  this time, we opted for the labralion.   you can see the full transformation take place below.

thankfully fisher is really low key, so trimming him up isn’t as difficult as it may seem.  it is just time consuming.  that’s a lot of hair!


labralion, labradoodle, dog trim, retreiver, lion, dog breeds, dog rescue


he looked pretty adorable, until we made the mistake of trimming his face down all the way. then he looked like this:

labradoodle, dog breeds, dog rescue, dog trim

haha.  he’ll always be handsome in my mind, but i couldn’t let him live with this humiliation, so the trim continued and he now has his clean and sleek look, just in time for spring!

labradoodle, fisher, dog breeds, non shedding, dog trimmers, dog rescue



transformaton complete.   labralion will have to be reattempted in the next go-round.

vizsla, puppy, dog, thefirst2hours

fisher’s brother is really confused who this new dog is in the house and won’t leave him alone.  you can read about his brother here:  puppy growing pains.

i love my fur babies, and their endless entertainment.

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