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Pro Beach Volleyball, and an Injury Report

2015 beach volleyball season has begun. tour dates have been announced, beach volleyballers across the nation are training hard, and there is sand in my bedsheets.  i love this time of year.

not too long ago, i started competing on the professional beach volleyball tour. i found a lot of success on the sand which i quickly realized was the best fit for my game. two years ago i relocated to the hub of professional beach volleyball in the u.s. (the south bay of california), to pursue my dream of playing full time.  i signed up for my first tournament, not knowing exactly where i stood when stacked up against the california girls, and my partner and i ended up winning the whole thing.  not a bad start.


national volleyball league, nvl, hermosa beach, california, thefirst2hours, vanessa latimer, casey ritt, professional beach volleyball
National Volleyball League – NVL Hermosa Beach


unfortunately, my body wasn’t as excited about the transition to full time volleyball as i was.  the week after that tournament my knee got angry, a month after that tournament my cartilage decided it was going to jump ship, and two months after that tournament, i went under the knife.

it wasn’t quite the california volleyball dream i had imagined, and unfortunately cartilage doesn’t regrow itself, so micro fracture was my best option.  i’ve managed to work my way back into the game a bit, and i am happy i’m able to play at all.  but it’s impossible to not think about the what ifs.  i continue to play and compete at a very high level, but i won’t ever be able to move on the court the way i once did.

but the weather has started to turn, and i have been out hitting the sand. this week looked a lot like  this:

beach volleyball, ncaa volleyball, ncaa beach volleyball, boise state, broncos, bsu, athletics, injuries, fitness, volleyball, exercise

joe doesn’t love the sand in our bedsheets, but i secretly love it (shhhh!) because it means i have been out doing the thing i love doing most.

ankle injury, sprained ankle, beach volleyball, professional beach volleyball, rehabilitation, motivation, rehab

i have been pumped for season to start. but much like the start to my california volleyball life, my body hasn’t been happy about the start to beach volleyball season 2015.

this one isn’t a tragic injury like my last one, but it is enough to keep me out of the first few big tournaments of the year.

i’ll be nursing it back to health with a lot of RICE and a lot of patience.  and once i’m good to go, there will be more posts coming regarding beach volleyball season 2015.


to take a closer look at our professional beach volleyball tours, please take a look at the following websites, share it with all your friends, get to an event, and do everything else you can to help grow the following for our great sport!

NVL (National Volleyball League)

AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals)

EVP (Extreme Volleyball Professionals)


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