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Yo Yo Yogi

what do you get if you mix the best of yoga, with people that make you smile, with bum burnin’ booty camps, with the release and spectacle of yoga boogie, with regular meet ups to celebrate the people who love to love…. one of the top 10 yoga studios in the nation!

hello yo yo yogi! and thanks for having me.

yo yo yogi, yoga, portland, oregon, best of portland, fit, active, booty camp, portland, yoga pearl, yoga pants, lululemon, lulu lemon, yoga portland yelp, pearl district

today i am flashing back to my portland boot(y) camp i attended a week ago in portland. these excellent people lead our work out for the day, and as you can see, they are not short on fun.

class commenced at 6am, so in thefirst2hours of my day, i headed out the door, and wandered through the beautiful, cherry blossom bloomin’ streets of portland’s pearl district.

portland, the pearl, pearl district, oregon, yo yo yogi, trail blazers, where yo yoga in portland, portland yoga studios, thefirst2hours
stunning! the streets were so serene.

i wandered forever before class started because i had the time.  and i wasn’t able to sit still in my apartment knowing that there was exploring to be done.

eventually it was boot(y) camp time. and i was greeted by this lovely lady upon entering yo yo yogi:

yo yo yogi, kristi cole, best yoga studios in portland, best yoga studios in the nation, oregon, portland weather, motivation, boot camp, serene

and by this lovely studio, ready to host some sweaty fitness fanatics:

yo yo yogi, best yoga studio in portland, boot camp portland, oregon, portland trail blazers, workout, fitness, women, exercise, kristi cole

if those two photos (taken from the yo yo yogi facebook page), don’t get you excited to sign up for a class, then keep reading, it gets better.

naturally yo yo yogi is known for the yoga classes, instructors, lessons, etc..  but as mentioned before, they also provide class offerings that the typical yoga studio does not.

yo yo yogi, is atypical, in the very best of ways.  the happy couple shown below brought this dream to the portland community after traveling around the nation in pursuit of yoga.  “100 yoga studios in 100 days” became their mission as they traveled from seattle to san diego, blogging all the way.

they picked up bits and pieces from each of those lessons and shorty there after, they opened their own place in portland, with a diverse and energizing set of class offerings.

yo yo yogi, best yoga in portland, portland oregon, pearl district, thefirst2hours, motivation, fitness, exercise in portland, portland boot camp, gym

yo yo yogi has repeatedly been named the “Best Yoga Studio in the City” by Portland Monthly, the “Best Yoga in Portland” by CitySearch, one of the “Top 10 Yoga Studios in the Nation” by Spry Magazine,  the “Best Portland Yoga Studio” by PDX Reader’s Choice, and on, and on, and on…

i have only spent one day at yo yo yogi, but my experience was spot on with these rave reviews.

the day i had available on my portland trip, perfectly aligned with their 6am boot(y) camp.

(how many alternating lunge jumps does it take to make your bum burn for a week straight?  i’m not certain what the exact number is, but we definitely found, and surpassed it!)

the class was the perfect way to start my day with a warm up of running stairs and an hour of circuits (my favorite!). the people are the best, and i am so jealous i don’t live in portland where i can get my sweat on with the folks of yo yo yogi on a regular basis.

for the portland locals out there, or those that may be traveling through as i was, check out their CLASS SCHEDULE, and their offerings of HOT soul flow, Urban Groove, Yoga Virgin Flow, 360 Hour o Power flow and more.  even the names of their classes are fun, and you won’t be let down.


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