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I Have a Confession

i have a confession. i started an instagram page. and i did it for you.  maybe a bit for myself,  but mostly, i did it for those of you that are reading my blog.  and in the process, i am having a lot of fun.

i spent this week in new orleans.
(what an excellent place to become an instra-grammer.)


it was a work trip, but in true vanessa fashion, i managed to squeeze in some fun. a lot of fun in fact. and i took photos to document my trip.  a few fellow instragramming folk have already managed to discover my photos.  who are these strangers? how did they find my photos?  many things social media are a mystery to me, but regardless of how my photos were discovered, i am happy to have provided a few people with some positivity.

here is a sneak peak:

nola, new orleans, instragram, social media, photography, pictures, travel, thefirst2hours


there is something unspeakably refreshing about a form of social media that doesn’t encourage people to spread negativity in this world.  facebook has sadly started becoming that.  on facebook, people have no filter and often times they overshare their opinions and emotions.  if they are sad, they tell the world.  if they have something to sell, they tell the world.  if they are angry, they tell the world.  if they have a political perspective that they know is extremely controversial, they tell the world.  and on, and on, and on.   if you are one of my facebook friends who is a “facebook abuser,” i can pretty much guarantee that your posts have been permanently screened to never appear on my feed as long as i shall live.  and i can also pretty much guarantee that others have blocked you as well.


however, in my one-week-as-an-instragramer perspective, i would say that instra-grammers generally appear to share positivity. it’s fantastic!  i have yet to see a single post that didn’t make me smile.


i am new at this, and perhaps in another month, i may have a slightly different opinion, but today, i am a fan.


so for those that want to share some love, let’s share some photos!

i will be instagramming life here: thefirst2hours on instragram

instagram, thefirst2hours, inspiration, photography, pictures

have a great weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “I Have a Confession

    • eek! Lisa, what a honor. Thanks very much for nominating me, and congrats to you as well!! I will follow your lead with a little write up and I look forward to checking out the others you have nominated as well!

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