Getting Sandy in New Orleans

for three consecutive years i have traveled to new orleans for work.

there is a lot to squeeze in to any trip to NOLA, especially when my daylight hours are completely booked with meetings; but my volleyball outings will never be compromised in this great city. the facilities and people of the new orleans volleyball community are irresistable.

in the past three years i have gotten to know a number of the new orleans volleyballers, who fill me in on the happenings each time i am in town.  and this past week, i was able to get sandy on two glorious evenings.

one evening was spent at coconut beach.

new orleans, nola, beach volleyball, avp, coconut beach, vball, vblnation, thefirst2hours, bruce white,

and the other was spent at white sands.
white sands beach volleyball, new orleans, nola, avp, misty may, kerri walsch, vanessa latimer, thefirst2hours
both of these facilities are fully equipped with lights enabling volleyballers to stay up way past their “curfews.”  a restaurant/bar is also attached to each facility allowing guests to replenish their calories with both cerveza and food.   basically, there is no reason to ever leave.


both evenings i played, i was volleyballin until almost midnight; and i loved every minute of it.  i imagine that if i lived in new orleans, one would be hard pressed to get me to spend an evening anywhere else.  as far as i am concerned, new orleans has some of the best non-beach, beach volleyball facilities in this nation, which can be seen in the two videos below. (get excited!).




the weekend of may 21 – 24, for the first time in many years, the AVP tour will be coming to new orleans as a stop on their tour.  coconut beach will be hosting the event and professional beach volleyball athletes will be flying in from around the nation.

i will not be able to compete in this event as i will be attending something far more important – my little brother’s graduation.  but i wish all of those athletes luck and i will be cheering them on from a distance.

i will be back NOLA, and i look forward to getting sandy with you again on the next go-round.

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