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The Bliss of Being Uncomfortable

many people in this world have traveling jobs. i am one of those people. and on my my last flight home from new orleans, i met another.  this fellow work traveler mentioned how much he disliked his work trips.  i was interested in hearing how someone could possibly dislike taking a trip to new orleans, even if it was for work, so our conversation continued.


this man didn’t seem to have any specific stories about his week that made it particularly awful.  it didn’t sound like he worked any extreme hours. and it didn’t sound like he spends nearly as much time traveling as i do.  but he seemed completely uninspired by the whole week he had just spent in one of the most flavorful cities of the U.S.


our conversation ended, and i was stumped.
i can’t help but wonder about that man, and about others like him.

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