The Best Athlete I Ever Knew

the best athlete i ever knew, is a red head.  he has four legs, goes by the name of gunner, and he is fast.  gunner is a vizsla, and he loves to be active.  thankfully, so do joe and i.  and this past weekend, we were all active together, in a sweet little mountain town called mccall.

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mccall is best known for the gorgeous payette lake that acts as the backdrop of the town.  naturally, we wanted to see every bit of it. so we opted to spend one of our sun-filled days biking around the lake.  and because gunner is the best athlete i ever knew, he opted to run around the lake with us.

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joe and i biked at approximately 18 mph around that lake, and gunner was practically pulling us the entire way.  watching him sprint along side joe’s bike gave me flash backs to those first months we brought him home as a puppy. once upon a time we used to race him to the top of the hill behind our house, and win! but those days are a distant memory now.

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watching gunner run, inspired me to do a little research on vizslas. i couldn’t find a reputable source documenting the exact speed of this breed, but named vizslas one of the 8 fastest dog breeds on the planetand crazymama6162 said in a Flickr discussion in the Vizsla Love group:

“Our Vandy Girl loves to run with the 4 wheeler at about 30 mph and sometimes she cuts us off going that fast and we have to hit the brakes fast!!!!”

we have yet to clock gunner at his top speeds, but there is no doubting he is fast. and 30mph is incredible!

8 miles into our bike ride, we came to the half way point where the road turns back toward mccall. but we were forced to come to a halt, when we discovered this:

thefirst2hours, mccall, idaho, snow plow, road bike, mountain bike, vizsla


snow wasn’t expected on this adventure, but it was april in a 5,021 foot elevation mountain town, so it wasn’t completely unfounded.

unfortunately the snow was a bit too deep for us to bike over, so our full loop of payette lake (totaling 18.48 miles) will have to wait until the next visit.  you can see a full interactive map of this loop by clicking on the image below.

mccall, idaho, payette lake, trail map, running trail, biking trail, vizsla


in this case, we were 8.48 miles in when we had to turn around. gunner wasn’t tired in the slightest, but we did notice that his paws were getting torn up, so we decided to give him a break from his 18 mph sprints.  instead, joe headed back to get the truck, and our second pup, so that we could have a family play day on the beach.  when joe got back, we rewarded our puppies with one of their favorite activities – swimming

payette lake, mccall, idaho, thefirst2hours, fitness, motivation, running, biking
can you find the second puppy?


vizsla, dog breed, hunting dogs, mccall, idaho, thefirst2hours, swimming, exercise
shake face

both pups loved their reward.

and gunner even decided to celebrate his big run with a few hilarious face dunks.


he is absolutely hilarious.  and never seems to run out of energy.  but once we got back in the truck on the ride home, it was mere seconds before he passed out. slept like a baby.  🙂

someday i aspire to be as good of an athlete as gunner. in the meantime, i will keep getting my workouts in and using his raw athleticism as motivation.

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