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Morning Persons

recently, i was asked about the meaning of my blog name, and i thought i would reiterate that answer here, as it is relevant to this post:

“thefirst2hours, are the favorite two hours of my days.  i love stepping outside before the sun rises, and being surrounded by silence.  those moments of solitude are the most beautiful moments i know, and they are precious to my being.

thefirst2hours are also the most important two hours of my days.  life in this day and age is busy, and it has become far too easy to compromise our health for all of our obligations.  but ultimately, it is our decision to make. it is within those first2hours, that i vow i will wake up early, get outside, raise my heart rate, see the world, and not waste those precious moments.  i choose to make myself a priority.”

i imagine there are pros and cons of dating a morning person. my fiancé joe would probably attest to that fact, when i am waking him up at 5:30-6am on his day off so that we can race outside to see the sunrise.  sometimes joe may think i am crazy, but sunrise to me feels like drinking 7, 5 hour energy drinks all at once. it fills me up. and on mornings when we are sleeping lake-side in a dreamy mountain town, there is no way i am going to miss it.

so for two glorious mornings in a row, joe and i woke up at 6am, bundled up in all of our layers, walked along the beach, and watched as the sun painted the sky with shades of yellow, pink, and orange.

the sky was the most colorful on the first morning.

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it was just me and the birds

…and my joe

…and my pups

….but only us!


as we are out there, i can’t help but think, “where is everyone else? are they seriously sleeping through this beautiful display of mother nature?”  i suppose i was happy they weren’t out there ruining it with noise, but it still was blowing my mind to know that people were sleeping in beach front rooms, and couldn’t wake up for a few moments to see this sight.

right around this point in the morning the sky turned from beautiful, to outofthisworld. i soaked in every last bit of it.

mccall idaho, sunrise, dawn, payette lake, mountains, travel, photography

morning one did not disappoint, and i couldn’t wait to repeat on morning two.

joe definitely enjoys the sunrise as well, however his alarm goes off at 5:30am every day of the week for work, which means that on his non-work days, he prefers to sleep in.  but sleeping in is a thing of a past, now that he is engaged to me. 🙂

he’s a trooper.

on the second morning, he woke up with me again. this time we wandered out onto the docks and took some more photos.


mccall idaho, sunrise, thefirst2hours, upandatem, fiance, selfie


the sky wasn’t as colorful, but it was beautiful enough to inspire some sunrise cartwheels.

cartwheels, sunrise, thefirst2hours, upandatem, payette lake, mountain, travel, photography, fitness, motivation, nature, oxygen

“yes, joe. this is completely necessary.”


one of my favorite things about thefirst2hours, are the sounds of nature. usually those sounds involve some sort of energy (water, wind, etc…) and some sort of animal.  in this case, it was the lake and the fluttering birds that moved me the most.

if you look and listen closely, you can hear a huge flock of birds in the middle of the lake fluttering from one spot to the next.


my week is complete.

thanks for stopping by and i wish you a beautiful sunrise in your very near future.

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