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Morning Conversations With Myself

this morning, the alarm startled me awake at 5:30am. i proceeded to have this conversation with myself:

what time is it?

is that my alarm?

is that joe’s alarm?

where am i?

am i at home?

am i in portland?

is that my alarm?

is that joe’s alarm?

oh yeah, there’s joe.

he’s getting up for work.

it must be joe’s alarm.

wait a minute, do i have a flight this morning?

am i traveling today?

where am i going?

am i late?

am i going to miss my flight?

oh wait, i just got home last night.

my next flight is tomorrow.

it’s not my alarm.

it’s joe’s alarm.

i’ll just shut my eyes for a few minutes.

(47 seconds later)

i can’t sleep.

but i’m so tired.

should i get up?

should i go run?

i have a big to-do list today.

but i’m so tired.

i’m also so congested.

how did i get so congested?

plane germs.

should i go run?

but the pups want to snuggle.

maybe i’ll snuggle them for a bit.


cancel that.

if i snuggle, i won’t get up and i won’t run.

then i’ll wake up and have to go straight to my computer.

will i have time later today to work out?

i don’t know.

i don’t like not knowing.

i have so much work to do before i leave.

should i go run?

shut up, vanessa.

get your butt out of bed and go run.

you know you will be glad you did.

(47 seconds later)

i’m running!

i did it.

i need some music.

some fast paced music so i forget i’m tired.


i love 8 tracks.

SEARCH: running

PLAYLIST: “success isn’t given it’s earned, part 2.

sure that outta work.


“shoulders sideways.”

“smack it, smack it. in the ear”

in the ear?

is she saying “smack it in the ear?”

 techno + beyonce.

this is hilarious.

not my typical go to, but i can make this work.

“smack it, smack it, in the ear.”

run, fitspo, just, sunrise, workout, motivation

i love running in the dark.

this is the greatest.

i am so proud of myself.

i feel so great.

i don’t have time for a long run, but i am running!

“smack it, smack it, in the ear”

in the ear?

that can’t be right.


running, run, training, fitspo, motivation, idaho, inspiration, workout, fitness, workmen

it’s starting to get a little lighter out.

what a quaint neighborhood.

i am so glad i got out here this morning.

“my hands up, my hands up”

“i’m standing, i’m standing, i’m standing with my hands up.”

trail running, fitspo, fitness, inspiration, thefirst2hours, running, idaho, beyonce, 7/11

ooh, two choices.

definitely the rock path.

i’m staying off that concrete.

you are welcome, knees.

“let’s move it side to side.”

“smack it in the ear.”

wait a minute.

is she saying “in the air”?

“smack it, smack it, in the air”?

yes that seems to make much more sense.

“smack it, smack it, in the air.”

phew i’m glad i figured that out.

just in time too.

beyonce, running, 7/11, fitspo, smack it, in the air

ok. shortest run ever.

but i ran.

i did it.

i feel great.

let’s go conquer this day, vanessa.

thanks, beyonce.

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