Queen of the Beach

beach volleyball season, my favorite time of year.  and this year, i kicked the season off with a queen of the beach tournament in salt lake city.  the good people at wasatch beach volleyball host tournaments from may – september at their fantastic facility. this week was particularly spectacular as it was a sunny 75 degrees, but the wasatch mountain peaks in the backdrop were still covered in snow.  it was the perfect day for a tournament.

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queen (or king) of the beach tournaments are some of my favorite events.  athletes show up as an individual, and each person plays a match with every other person in attendance.  wins and losses are tallied, and the player that finishes with the greatest number of wins, is crowned the queen.

it’s a great way to test one’s own skill set; but more importantly it is a great way to test one’s ability to adapt to new teammates and to make others better.  chemistry is an indescribabley important component of beach volleyball because the two individuals on the court have to learn to move and react as one unit.  they have to be able to read one another mid-play, understand what the other person needs to be successful, and deliver just that.  the players that generally have the ability to adapt and provide their partner with exactly what they need, while maintaining a solid and consistent game themselves, are the ones that win the most games.

this time around i played one game with 9 different utah girls in the open division, who i have never played with before.  and i finished second of the 10.  i didn’t take home the title of queen, but i suppose i can claim princess, and i am pretty happy about that. 🙂

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Wasatch Beach Volleyball Queen of the Beach 2015. Top 4 finishers in Women’s Open


wasatch beach tourneys are even better because i get to spend the day hanging out with some of the best ladies i know.  i give mad props to all of the women volleyballers of wasatch who are not only good people, and amazing athletes, but who are also all moms!  it’s so encouraging to see motivated mom’s out there competing, winning, staying in shape, and having a great time.  we need more mom’s like this in the world, and they are all an inspiration!

it was a great start to beach season 2015.

next weekend i’ll be in seattle competing at alki beach, and the fun continues from there.

and because i like fun, here is a queen of the beach theme song i found for you as well:


what is your favorite format of volleyball? 

for the active women out there, 
how many weeks post birth did it take you until you were active again? 

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