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Vegas Circuit Training

the last thing i expect when i travel to las vegas, is to encounter a group of dedicated fitness addicts. gamblers, obviously. bachelor and bachelorette groups, of course. partiers, without a doubt. but fitness addicts… that one was unexpected.

usually when i travel i try to incorporate my workouts in with my sight-seeing, and spend time outside.  but when i woke up, i looked out my window, and i saw this:

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talk about uninspiring.  almost immediately after, i headed to the gym.

you can imagine my surprise when I arrived at the gym inside the Monte Carlo hotel at 6am and the place was packed! and by packed, i don’t just mean busy, but packed to the point that i almost decided to turn around and walk out.

thank goodness i didn’t, because i managed to squeeze in a great work out between all of those people, and i walked out 40 minutes later feeling on top of the world.

i was on a tight schedule and i needed to complete a workout that allowed me to burn and turn, so i opted to set up a military style workout with some circuit training.

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circuit training is aimed at making men and women fitter, faster, and stronger. the goal isn’t to define their 8th abdominal “pack” that can be sprayed orange and shown to others on stage. the goal is to get as fit as possible, as fast as possible.

i personally am all about being fit and trim, but i am not into body-building. that’s not to say that it isn’t great for some people who’s goals are different then my own, but here at THEFIRST2HOURS, i am a big fan of functional fitness. circuit training exercises incorporate resistance and strength training exercises, while being challenging for the heart and lunges at the same time!

these programs will absolutely yield a solid caloric burn that helps in weight-loss, and maintenance.  in addition they are designed to improve performance in athletics and daily activity.

my circuits require a stopwatch, and huge will-power to push oneself to exhaustion.  exercises are timed, and the goal is to complete as many reps of an exercise as is physically possible within the allotted time.  so with the goal of complete exhaustion in mind, i strapped on my stop watch, headed to the gym, and i got to work.

i alternated between running on the treadmill, and completing a timed circuit on the side for each round.  the run can be swapped with any form of cardiovascular activity for anyone that isn’t able to run (biking, rowing, the elliptical, etc.).

my full work out looked like this:

monte carlo, las vegas, hotel gym, circuit training, military workout,  thefirst2hours, fitness, weight lifting, running, training, fitspiration in total i took me approximate 40 minutes to complete. turn and burn, baby! in and out. just how I like it.

my heart was pumping out of my chest.

my legs were burning.

my core muscles were firing.

my clothes were covered in sweat.

and I felt like a million bucks.

try it for yourself.  if you haven’t gotten into circuit training yet, there is no time like the present, and you won’t be disappointed with the results!


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