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In the Money

this past weekend marked the beginning of beach volleyball season 2015 for my partner and i.  we kicked it off with a trip to seattle, a tournament at alki beach, and an undefeated record leading up to the finals match.

it was the first time either of us had competed at alki beach so we weren’t quite sure what to expect out of the competition, the beach itself, or the people.  needless to say, everything and everyone surpassed our expectations and we can’t wait to get back!

because it was the season opener, we started the day off  with a group photo:

alki beach season opener photo

and then we got to work.

it was a double elimination format and there were 16 teams competing in the women’s open division. breann and i had been training all week.  we had made some huge strides in our game; but what we were lacking was some good competitive games to help us find our rhythm.  thankfully that rhythm came to us after only a few plays into our first match. then we were off and running.

juan hernandez, the amazing alki beach volleyball photographer, captured some pretty stellar pictures of our day, so i will let the photos do the talking.

team idaho, volleyball, beach volleyball, vanessa latimer, breann crowell, ava, alki beach volleyball , seattle, travel, fitness

round one against the one seed – win.


round two against the talented youngsters – win.

go team idaho!

alki beach volleyball, vanessa latimer, breann crowell, grow the game, professional beach volleyball

round three against the big block – win.

on to the semis!

round four, semi-finals against our amazingly fun roomies – win.

on to the finals!

alki beach volleyball, professional beach volleyball, seattle, washington, thefirst2hours

finals match, best of 3. another big block, and a university of washington all american.

game one.  loss.  21-19. every play counts.

game two.  win. 21- 15. back in action.

game three. this is the big one.

we fought hard, we played well, but they squeaked it out.

game three. loss.  15 – 12

dang it! no matter how well you play, that kind of loss isn’t easy to stomach. i am still replaying each play in my head.  but we live and learn, and it will only make us stronger as a team in preparation for the next one.

we played great, and finished in the money. second place of 16. go team idaho!

alki volleyball, beach volleyball, thefirst2hours, seattle, washington, travel, champtions

i’m proud of all we accomplished, and ready to get back to work.

breann crowell, vanessa latimer, alki beach volleyball, nvl, professional beach volleyball, grow the game, thefirst2hours

 great job partner!

thank goodness for all of the fun and fit women volleyball surrounds me with.

a big thanks to all of the good people of Alki Beach. and an even bigger thanks specifically to Phillip, Susan, Julie, Anne, Juan, and lululemon.  see you next time!



bre and i will continue traveling and competing at the highest level through beach volleyball season 2015. if you would like to make a donation to help us attain our goals, please click on the link below. thank you in advance!

paypal donation
Team Idaho Donation


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  1. […] off beach volleyball season 2015 at alki beach. with an exciting day and a second place finish. (read all about our exciting tournament and view the pro event photos, here).  the day after our tournament, we had a flight leaving seattle at noon. it would have been easy […]


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