We Opt to Move

last weekend my volleyball partner and i kicked off beach volleyball season 2015 at alki beach with an exciting day and a second place finish. (read all about our exciting tournament and view the pro event photos, here).  the day after our tournament, we had a flight leaving seattle at noon. it would have been easy to sleep in and let our overworked muscles have the rest they deserved; but bodies like ours aren’t very good at resting. instead, we woke ourselves up early, and headed out to find some green in thefirst2hours. there is no better way to combat sore muscles, than with movement.  and we opted to move!

naturally we wanted to move in a beautiful place but our time was limited; so after consulting the google machine, we set our sights on cougar mountain regional wildland park.

cougar mountain, wilderness area, trail, hike, run, seattle, washington, thefirst2hours,

timing allowed for a 5 mile loop.  along that loop, we made a few slimy friends:

snails, nature, bugs, creatures, photography, washington

we took some photos with jumbo tree roots:

thefirst2hours, hiking, hike, run, trail, map, washington, seattle and we oohed and ahhed over the fact that we were surrounded in all this nature while being only 20 minutes outside of seattle.

washington, seattle, thefirst2hours, trail run, fitness, photography, nature, travel

the hike was lovely and we didn’t even miss our flight!

it’s tough to beat beautiful days on the move, with beautiful people. this week, opt to move, and your week is guaranteed to be better.


breann crowell, vanessa latimer, alki beach volleyball, nvl, professional beach volleyball, grow the game, thefirst2hoursclick here to read more about TEAM IDAHO and our 2015 beach volleyball season.



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