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Shakti Vinyasa Yoga

the real truth is, i never thought i would be a big yoga lover. i’ve always been a yoga liker, but in years past i wouldn’t have ever chosen to yoga over a day of beach volleyball, a nice long run, or even a trip to the gym.  there aren’t many good things that have come to me as a result of my knee surgery a year and a half ago, but if i had to name one, it would be yoga.

during my recovery days, i picked up a yoga mat in desperation for knee-friendly activity.  yoga was a most loyal friend when i needed one, and has stuck with me ever since.  i’ve learned to appreciate the practice on a level i didn’t understand previously. and i now find that yoga is the closest i can get to that fantastically-lost-and-swept-up-in-the-mountains sensation, without actually being there.

when i travel for work i try to maintain as much normalcy in my life as i can. this is what makes my travel doable. i opt to stay in apartment rentals rather than hotels. i prepare healthy food for myself at home rather than eating out for every meal.  and i yoga.  so this past week while in seattle i found my way to Shakti Vinyasa Yoga in the Ballard community to get my sweat on.

vanessa latimer, fitness traveler, thefirst2hours, upandatem, shakti, yoga, seattlethe steaminess of that entrance makes me giddy in anticipation.

Shakti has three separate studios, and they appear to be very well respected amongst seattleites. work didn’t allow for me to yoga in thefirst2hours of my day, so i signed up for the prana 2 yoga flow class in my last 2 hours instead.   it was a great surprise to discover that Shakti offers a BOGO deal for first timers, and has mat and towel rentals for out of towners.  it’s as if they knew i was coming!

as i waited in the hall outside of the studio, the regulars flooded in. it’s clear that they have a very loyal following of yogis and i felt immediately welcomed into the group. it also may have helped that i coincidentally managed to construct a yoga outfit made up entirely of seahawks colors.

fitness traveler, vanessa latimer, fitness, burn, seattle, ballard, washington

Tara Dyberg led our 75 minute class with her sweet and limber enthusiasm. she struck the perfect balance of letting us find our zen, while adding sufficient feedback to support and challenge our positions.  i loved every minute of it and i went to bed feeling completely content.

i will absolutely return in upcoming trips. and in the mean time, i will continue to yoga across the U.S. and find other such studios that give me my fix.

to find a full list of all of my indoor work outs, follow link to thefirst2hours fit studio

what is your favorite kind of yoga?
were you cheering on the seahawks or patriots for the Superbowl?
what is your favorite local yoga studio? Perhaps I will travel there and kind check it out!

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