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My Dog is a Yogi

the theme of my week is yoga…as you can see from my previous posts here, and here. To top my yoga week off, I thought I would share a lighter side of the yoga practice, in the form of yoga dogs.

as i have been working my way back into levels of comfort as a yogi, i have been practicing various poses at home. each morning generally begins with a yoga stretching session in the living room. apparently my pups have been eager to participate as well; and now, at week end, they both join me each morning for some yoga.

i like to think that some days, when they are inside by themselves and i am away at work, that they occasionally take a break from their snoozing, and meet in the living room to practice their poses together. i’m certain of it.

my pups had me thinking about yogaing at home with dogs, and with a little assistance from the google-machine, i discovered the art of Dan Morris – creator, photographer, and owner of the one and only, Yoga Dogz. somehow, after many minutes and many moons of practice, he has managed to train various pups to hold their yoga poses for the camera. and the results are outstanding.


below you will see my lovable fisher.

front and center is the lovely Yoga Dog Wally, performing the lotus pose.

labradoodle, yoga, dogs, yogadogz


here is my high-speed pup gunner

and Yoga Dog model Sunny.


vizsla, yoga, yoga dogz


every dog owner can find a fur ball that resembles their own pup, and get a good laugh.

or if cats are more your speed, it turns out they are equally as talented! see for yourself, you won’t regret it.

for a big laugh, and a dose of inspiration, please MEET THE YOGA DOGS  here.

for cat lovers, MEET THE YOGA CATS here.

did i mention that they also do yoga puppies, and kittens? see them all here. 



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