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lululemon’s Free to Be Bra

these days, lululemon is a household name. they have increased their market share within the fashionable fitness apparel industry by leaps and bounds in the past decade.  (surely my addiction to their product has been a big part of that.) it is with great enthusiasm that i present their products to fitness enthusiasts far and wide.  this week i am reviewing their “free to be bra.”

lulu offers a wide range of bras that are categorized by the degree of support provided.

as the name suggests, the “free to be” bra is not made to be highly structured and controlling.  it allows for extra mobility which is essential for beach volleyball players like myself, but still holds the girls in place.

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as lululemon states:

“We designed this bra for the small-busted Hot yoga enthusiasts among us. The moisture-wicking fabrics can handle serious sweat, and the low-cut front gives sticky skin room to dry off quickly. The open back has straps that move with us so we can focus on our form without fiddling.”

i train and compete in this bra and it meets every need i have in a competition top. it has an athletic cut up front that keeps the girls in place while allowing me to comfortably move around on the court. the straps on the back add a little fashionable flare. function and fashion all wrapped into one. the functionality is essential, and if we can look good on the court at the same time, then we may as well!

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one of the things that makes all things lulu so special, is the fabric they use.  they’ve found the perfect mix of technical sweat-wicking fabric, and comfort.

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these tops also come with optional cups for added “volume” but i opt to take them out so i can truly “be free.”
i love this top.
i own three different styles of sports bras from lululemon, and i love this top the most.  so much so, that i even when back for a second one in black.


the free to be bra comes in 14 different styles and colors.

$42 for each bra.

worth every penny.


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