wedding photo, engagement photo, photography, marriage

Perfectly Imperfect, in Life and Photo Shoots

i have been on a blogging hiatus for the past two and half weeks, and for good reason.  i went and got myself hitched! i now have an abundance of memories to reflect upon the perfection that was our Alaskan destination wedding/honeymoon/adventure.

perfection, of course, being relative.

our wedding wasn’t without its flaws, but it was all ours.

it was our perfect.

it was perfectly imperfect.

a few days before our wedding, we had a photo shoot with the lovely Lena of Chugach Peaks Photography.  as i browsed through our portfolio of beautiful photos she returned to us, i realized that my definition of perfection in photos, aligns with that of perfection in life. it is completely natural, it often times can not be planned, and it might be covered in wrinkles, but it is just how it should be.

we ended up with a handful of Comp Card worthy images where we showcased all of our best angles; but in looking through the gallery, i found myself continually coming back to the images that lead up to those moments of straight smiles and photo perfection.  my favorite images were the ones that were fun. my favorite images were the ones where we decided to sing and dance because we felt awkward in front of the camera. my favorite images were the ones that were perfectly imperfect, much like our lives.

with that in mind, i hope you enjoy this handful of photos (and the first of many wedding posts) that most accurately represent joe, myself, and our version of perfection.















i love this man, our photos, our imperfections, and our forever after.

wedding photo, engagement photo, photography, marriage



thank you Lena! we loved getting to know you and are thrilled to call you our photographer and friend!

stay tuned for more posts regarding our wedding extravaganza.

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