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A Lifetime of Patagonia Pilot Jackets

years ago, while searching for a new waterproof jacket and wardrobe staple, i made a decision that changed my life. i had never owned anything from the outdoor attire company Patagonia, but i decided that any company that was named after a place that magical, must be worth purchasing.  so in 2007, for the first time in my life, i splurged on Patagonia. the Patagonia Pilot Jacket to be more specific. since that time my bright jacket has experienced life’s most fantastically fun and inclement conditions with me, all across the globe….including a windy, rainy, and unforgettable Alaskan glacial boat cruise we experienced the day after our Alaskan wedding, a few short weeks ago.

alaska, patagonia pilot jacket, waterproof, goretex, product review, adventure
i have never been so happy to be covered in rain and ice.

the lifetime goal of the Pilot Jacket is to keep their companions warm, to keep them safe, and to maximize their experiences in nature.

and when Patagonia says “lifetime,” they mean it.

after 7 years of being tested to its max, my Pilot Jacket started to see some wear. i was so sad the day i realized that in 3 separate parts of my coat the seams were peeling apart; and she was no longer wearable.

alaska, patagonia pilot jacket, waterproof, goretex, product review, adventure
a little inclement weather doesn’t impact fun-having in this crew

after mourning the loss of my red companion, my Joefish suggested that i reach out to Patagonia to tell them what had happened. with great sorrow, i packaged her up and shipped her off to the Patagonia head quarters to see if they could salvage her life.

within a couple of short weeks, i received a letter from Patagonia.

it read something like this:

Dear Vanessa,

Thanks for sending in your Pilot Jacket. Unfortunately we have been unable to repair it for you; however we have included a $200 gift card here for you to use on a new Patagonia coat of your choice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your commitment to Patagonia.

Adventure On,

Team Patagonia

if ever there was a piece of me that questioned my lifetime dedication to Pilot Jackets, it was completed negated upon receiving this letter.

immediately, i went online and ordered the exact same coat i had been wearing for nearly a decade; only this time I received the new, shiny, updated version.

when she arrived at my door step, i promptly packed her up, and took her to Alaska so that i would be perfectly prepared for this moment.

alaska, patagonia pilot jacket, waterproof, goretex, product review, adventure , honeymoon
the day after our Alaskan wedding.

what a company. what a coat. what a companion. (both Joefish and my PPJ)  🙂

alaska, patagonia pilot jacket, waterproof, goretex, product review, adventure
family, friends, glaciers, and Patagonia Piolet Jackets.

i can’t recommend this coat enough, or an Alaskan vacation.

you can find details on each of them here:


Phillip’s Glacial Boat Cruises 

product review Patagonia Women’s Piolet Jacket.

Also made for Men. Click HERE.


5 stars

WEATHERPROOF – The construction of 2-Layer GORE-TEX® Products is unique. A GORE-TEX® membrane is bonded to an outer material, then combined with a free-flowing lining. The benefit: a soft, lightweight garment that keeps you dry and lets you move freely.

The GORE-TEX® membrane has 9 billion pores per square inch, with each pore 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. These tiny holes are too small for water and wind to pass through from the outside. But these same pores are large enough for moisture vapor to pass through, so your body’s perspiration is able to escape and you won’t feel clammy or uncomfortable inside your jacket.


 (durable water repellent) fabric finish repels light rain and snow and decreases dry times. When DWR is used in conjunction with a waterproof/breathable barrier, the DWR finish keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated so that the breathable barrier can do its job.


6 thoughts on “A Lifetime of Patagonia Pilot Jackets

  1. That brings back amazing memories of out Patagonia excursion together! I was thrilled to be part of the Alaska adventure as well. Great post, sis!


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