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Good Exercise for Bad Knees

“just wait until you turn 30,” everyone said. “that’s when everything starts to go downhill.” i refused to believe them. i was the exception to the rule. i was in better shape than most.  i was fit. i was strong. and i took good care of my body.  but there was one thing i didn’t account for – my joints.  joint problems are a commonality amongst lifetime athletes; and although i had never had any orthopedic issues in my life, i celebrated my thirtieth on crutches, a week after having microfracture surgery on my right knee.  ever since i have been trying to replace all of the good exercises that were previously performed on my good knee, with good exercises that could be performed on my bad knee.

discovering exercises that were knee friendly was not a challenge.  but discovering knee exercises that were knee friendly and that i actually enjoyed was a huge feat.

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