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Brooks Ghost 8 Running Shoe Review

the quest for the perfect pair of runners can be a tedious one. every foot is different. every runner is every different. and all shoes are not created equal. i have tried many different shoes throughout my years. most recently it has been the Brooks Ghost 8 that I picked up in magnetic blue.

Brooks as a company is very recognized in the running community. rather than making a shoe for every sport, they specialize in running, which gives them added credibility with their products.

after an unfortunate knee surgery years ago, i no longer log extensive mileage. much of that former mileage has been replaced with other forms exercise; but i can’t give running up completely. i would estimate that my post-knee surgery self runs 10 miles weekly.  i stay off cement when possible, but my runs take place on all different terrains.

i have had my pair of Brooks Ghosts 8 for 7 months. sufficient time to give them a full assessment.

what i like:

  • the Brooke Ghost 8 is light-weight

over the past 10 years there has been a big shift in the weight of running shoes. the average running shoe used to be much heavier and bulkier with increasingly large amount of cushion built into the sole. shoes with added support are still offered, but many are now producing “weightless” runners. I have tried the heaviest shoes out there, as well as the lightest, and I’ve found that this Brooks Ghost 8 is a perfect in between. It comes in at 5.5 lbs.

  • the fit

every runner is looking for a different fit, but i have found that this shoe provides the right amount of support around the foot. the toe box is roomy, and the length is true to size.

  • the look and color

as we all know, the appearance of our running shoes is (or at least should be) secondary; but it sure does help when we like the way they look! running shoes have become BRIGHT. i like that these are infused with color, but that they are ONE color.  many of today’s running shoes are so busy and have so many different colors that i get dizzy looking at them.


what i don’t like: 

  • the durability

my Brooks Ghost 8 has had an abnormal amount of aestheic wear and tear. within the first 2 weeks of owning these shoes the fabric topping each lip of the shoe wore down completely. within 2 months of owning this shoe, the body of the shoe starting wearing down as well. to the point where holes have now formed.

  •  the comfort

initially i did not have issues with comfort. had they felt uncomfortable the day i tried them in on in my local running store, i would not have purchased them. however, after my first couple of months i started to notice pain in my left foot before even completing my first mile of a run. if i push through the pain, post run i can barely walk.


overall the downsides of the Brooks Ghost 8 have surpassed the benefits. i have been disappointed in their durability. in previous years when my average weekly mileage was double and triple what it is today, i ran in shoes that help up much better than these.  and there is no point in running in shoes that cause pain.

therefore i will no be a repeat buyer. 7 months into my ownership, i am shopping for a new pair of shoes. a different pair of shoes.

find them here at 

average retail cost is $130



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