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TunesDay – Wild Ones

Music makes us move. Moving makes us healthy. Music makes us healthy.

This week’s motivational song is…

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Gear Finder – My Best Workout Partner, the Stopwatch

find the workout clothes from previous post… My Best Workout Partner, the Stopwatch



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My Best Workout Partner – the Stopwatch

many moons ago, while i was a collegiate athlete, i lifted heavy weights because i was trying to perform better on the court…. NOT!  of course i wanted to perform better on the court, but the truth is that i lifted heavy weights because my coaches forced me to. i definitely gained plenty of muscle with their weight training program (more than i would have liked to be honest); however i was completely uncomfortable in my own skin, and i did not notice any significant improvements in my game.

these days, i have changed my style of working out to better align with my goals. i traded in my olympic weight training platform, for a new workout partner – my stopwatch – and i have never once looked back. for the majority of the population whose goal is to tone and trim, i can’t recommend adding a stopwatch to your workouts enough.

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