Get Lost in Green

portland. where it is cool to…

keep it weird,

have purple hair,

wear your granddad’s clothes,

and get lost in green.

forest park, trail running, portland, oregon, wineuptv, purple hair, fitness, motivation, inspiration, thefirst2hours, lulu lemon

i opted to keep my hair red this time around, but i did manage to escape into forest park for an evening of green running.

most of my exploring on my work trips takes place before 6am, or after 6pm. with the sun dropping at 7:20, it doesn’t leave me much time at the end of my work day to figure out where the best places are to go.  so in anticipation of this trip, for a solid week i have been googling runs in forest park.

i read that saltzman road was a good starting spot, but details were lacking.  thankfully, i had a slightly earlier end time to my work day today. so i changed into my lulu threads in the seat of my rental car, and i found my way down highway 30.

highway 30 runs along the north side of the park. from portland you’ll need to drive about 3 miles before coming to saltzman road, where you turn left.

this road, and your enthusiasm, will start climbing steadily around each corner.  until finally, you come to a dead end.  or perhaps it is a live beginning.  the end of the motorized road = the beginning of the trail head.  there is no marked place to park, but i trusted that the ol pick-up truck pulled off along side the road knew what was going on, and i followed suit.


forest park, portland, oregon, pdx, voodoo donuts, green, nature, running, run, trail running, trail head. running club, lulu lemon, thefirst2hours


in no time at all i had blasted through that entrance and made my way around the corner ahead.  but then as quickly as i began running, i stopped.

in awe of my surroundings, i took photo, after photo, after photo.

of green, upon green, upon green.


green on green, forest park, jungle, portland, oregon, lululemon, yo yo yogi, voodoo donuts, travel, nature, fitness, thefirst2hours, photography,

i love how hairy this monster tree appears.

about a half mile in, saltzman intersects with maple trail, where things really get exciting.  the dirt road turns into a single, shoulder-width path.

thefirst2hours, portland, oregon, forest park, nature, green, jungle, lululemon, yoga, yogi, yogini, yo yo yogi, maple trail, saltzman road, highway 30


from this point, i crossed over saltzman creek, climbed some hills, found some green camouflage, did some yoga, and smiled the whole way through.

and because you can’t hear photos, i also took a video to capture the moment.


this green jungle gives me flashbacks to my birdsong and a carkeek park run

a person could run forever in this park with various intersecting trails, but i needed to be sure i was out, before the sun was out.

so i made my way back to the car and knocked out 4.62 miles in total.

forest park, portland, oregon, trail blazers, run, running, running trail, trail run, nature, green, inspiration, motivation, thefirst2hours, lululemon, voodoo donuts, fitness


click here to see a list of my recommended runs and hikes

the map image makes it look like i barely went anywhere because this park is so big! forest park is one of the country’s largest urban forest reserves. it covers more than 5,100 acres, and has over 70 miles worth of recreational trails!  (find more information about this fantastic park here at The Forest Park Conservancy.)

this was a short visit, but i filled up on as much green as time allowed, and there will most certainly be more forest park outings in upcoming trips.

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