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Lululemon Studio Racerback Tank Review

this week i am kicking off december, with a yoga challenge.  and because we are talking about yoga, i thought it only appropriate to introduce a recommended yoga top. i don’t always yoga with a tank, but if i do, this is my tank of choice.  the studio racerback tank from lululemon.

the 79 people who have reviewed this top at, agree with my assessment. 4.5 out of 5 stars.


pros of the lululemon studio racerback tank

it’s long. i love long tanks.

it’s very basic and functional. no bells and whistles here. everything you need, and nothing that you don’t

it has a flattering cut. this racer back has the perfect amount of fabric for the shoulders so that it doesn’t drop too low, and it doesn’t having a sophicating quality either. overall it makes me feel and look good. which is what we are all shooting for when we are working out anyways.

it is comfortable. the fabric is soft, and it also has just the right amount of stretch in it. this is a tight fitting tank, but it still allows for movement and has flexibility which makes it perfect for yoga, and anywhere! in fact it is so comfortable that i find myself grabbing this tank any time i have a day of travel. great in the yoga studio, the gym, and the airport!

sweat wicking. i love getting a good sweat on. and then i love getting a good sweat off.


cons of the lululemon studio racerback tank


i wonder at what point i will stop giving the price point of lulu products a negative review. do i feel crazy paying $48 for a tank top? … yes!

but do i continue to do it?… YES, and i then follow up that purchase with a rave review.

so maybe rather than saying lulu is expensive. i should start saying that you get what you pay for. and in this case $48 got me a tank that i will wear over and over and over again.


overall review of the lululemon studio racerback tank

i love it. i really do. i wear this tank and i wear it often. go buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

there is no doubt that lulu makes great product. although there are new activewear companies popping up left and right and i am ready to expand my horizons, try product from some new manufacturers, and see how the competition stacks up.


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