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10 Healthy Gift Giving Ideas

in the spirit of the holidays, i put together a list of 10 recommended healthy gift giving ideas. each of these items encourages healthy living; and i personally would burst at the seams if i found any of them under my tree.

while it is a bit late to be doing your holiday shopping on the eve of Christmas, i hope you will keep this fantastic companies and products in mind the next time you are looking to buy a gift.


1. Cotopaxi Day Pack

Cotopaxi Day Pack


a durable, packable, versatile day pack with a punch. this pack has so much personality and is functional. i can’t begin to explain how hard it was for me to pick ONE item from cotopaxi because i am in love with their product, but this day pack made it on my list because it is the perfect pack size for someone day day packs often as i do, practical, and super affordable.

COST $49.95
WHO IS COTOPAXI? an outdoor gear manufacturer based out of Utah who i recently fell in love with. PLEASE check out their gear, and their mission!!
WHY WE LOVE IT first and foremost all of their gear is eye catching and will quickly have outdoor enthusiasts salivating. secondly, the preach and practice “gear for the greater good” because their products and experiences fund sustainable poverty relief.


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2. FitBit Flex

fitbitWHAT IS IT?

a wrist band that wireless tracks our activity and sleep levels.

COST $99.95
WHO IS FITBIT? a San Francisco based company with a goal to make our world a healthier place.
WHY WE LOVE IT the first step to getting fit, is awareness of where one is currently. with the fitbit we can now tracks steps, activity, calories burned and more.


Check out one of my recent posts about pedometer tracking here:
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3. Kurgo Hands-Free Quantum Leash

hands free running leash, hands free dog leash, dog leash for running, dog leash around waist, running with dogs



the Kurgo Quantum Leash is a hands-free dog leash that wraps around the waist and allows pup and parent to run together seamlessly.



COST $25
WHO IS KURGO? two brothers (and their pups) who grew up in Vermont
WHY WE LOVE IT as a runner, and a dog lover, i’m definitely familiar wtih the frustrations that sometimes come with trying to run with my pups. this leash is definitely the best way to do it. and buying this gift is a two-fer in the “healthy lifestyle” category, because you will be helping both the dog and their human to get fit.


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4. Manduka Yoga Mat or Towell

recommended yoga mat, recommended yoga towel, best yoga mat, best yoga towel,


the best yoga mat and towels on the market are made by manduka. and they come in fun colors and designs too! this december i participated in my first ever yoga challenge, and manduka helped me be my best!

COST $45 – $120
WHO IS MANDUKAYOGA? Peter, architect turned yogi who wanted to give the world a better mat
WHY WE LOVE IT the designs are simple, but efficient. i realized this december while doing my first ever yoga challenge, how important a mat, and a yoga towel can be! initially i thought a yoga towel was a gimmick for yogi-folk to get us newbies to spend more money. i thought i could just bring my own towel from home. i was wrong. they are essential. and if you have a yogini in your life, you should buy gift them with some manduka yoga!
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5. Proof Sunglasses 

proofWHAT IS IT?

artisan sunglass frames made by hand, from wood!



COST $90 – $130
WHO IS KURGO an innovation Idaho-based company made up of 3 brothers who learned the art of woodwork from their grandfather
WHY WE LOVE IT if i didn’t want to get outside before (i did) then i definitely do now that i have a stylish pair of shades that mix with my rustic surroundings.


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6. Soybu Camii Leggings

Soybu Camii Leggings



there is no denying the fact that i am a lulu addict, but this year, i decided to expand my horizons and brand out to other activewear brands. these soybu leggings with the stirrups are a favorite. stirrups are a MUST! try them out.

COST $64
WHO IS SOYBU a Denver based company who makes us amazing activewear without charging us an arm and a leg.
WHY WE LOVE IT first of all, they are leggings. but not all leggings are created equal. these gems are quality produced, they squeeze in all of the right areas, and move with our bodies. and did i mention this pair has stirrups?


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7. Baby G Blue Tide Watch

Baby G Watch



a watch that also shows us the current tide, for all of your ocean loving friends out there.


COST $99
WHO IS BABY-G? Gshock is the active watch line from Casio. Baby Gs are a bit smaller version of the Gshocks as they don’t cover half of our arm.
WHY WE LOVE IT this may not be the best watch for someone who is training for a marathon as it lacks a lot of the super smart features, but for someone who simply wants to have a waterproof watch for activity, this fits the bill. and if they live to surf, that tide tracker is a pretty spectacular feature!


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8. Discrete Arcos Beanie


Discrete Beanie



one of many perfect beanies that Discrete makes for the outdoor enthusiasts. check out their site for more of their awesome products.

COST $30
WHO IS DISCRETE? a Utah based company that provides us with all the stylish and functional gear we need to get outside and get dirty.
WHY WE LOVE IT if you have a loved one who grew up in the mountains and likes to get outside, they will love this beanie, and all of the Discrete products. play hard and look good too!


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9. Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

Ruff Wear Dog Pack



a pack for dogs. now we can take our pups out to play and we don’t have to carry all of their gear for them. have them pack it themselves!

COST $79.95
WHO IS RUFFWEAR? any company based in Bend, Oregon, is probably made up of some pretty cool outdoors folk, and Ruffwear is no exception. plus, they love dogs.
WHY WE LOVE IT it is practical, it makes our dogs work harder, and it is simple yet durable. i am thinking my pups are due for a couple of their own packs.


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10. Dharma Yoga Wheel

Dharma Yoga Wheel



this wheel is used for yogis who are working to increase their flexibility, and their practice.


COST $99
WHO IS DHARMA? two yoga fanatics, practicers, and teachers, who wanted to assist other like-minded people in achieving their yoga goals.
WHY WE LOVE IT i recently started practicing yoga, and while i haven’t yet used this item, i keep seeing images of it and imagining how much it would help stretch me out and allow me to attain new poses. it is also said to release tension and muscular tightness in the back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and hip flexors.


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Happy Holidays everyone!

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