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Why Many Athletes Hate (yet still can’t give up) Yoga

two and a half years ago my days as a high intensity athlete became numbered due to injury, so i decide to try out yoga. for two and a half years i have been an on-again, off-again yogi. for two and a half years i have vacillated between loving yoga, and hating yoga. and after two and a half years, and a particularly challenging class this week, i have decided to discuss some of the reasons that i, and many athletes, hate (yet still can’t give up) yoga.Read More »

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Gear Finder – My Best Workout Partner, the Stopwatch

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My Best Workout Partner – the Stopwatch

many moons ago, while i was a collegiate athlete, i lifted heavy weights because i was trying to perform better on the court…. NOT!  of course i wanted to perform better on the court, but the truth is that i lifted heavy weights because my coaches forced me to. i definitely gained plenty of muscle with their weight training program (more than i would have liked to be honest); however i was completely uncomfortable in my own skin, and i did not notice any significant improvements in my game.

these days, i have changed my style of working out to better align with my goals. i traded in my olympic weight training platform, for a new workout partner – my stopwatch – and i have never once looked back. for the majority of the population whose goal is to tone and trim, i can’t recommend adding a stopwatch to your workouts enough.

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Gear Finder – The Bar Method

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The Bar Method

in the last few years, barre classes have swiftly gained in popularity.  studios have popped up throughout the nation.  i have heard mumbles of enthusiasm over the workouts; and yet i still had not managed to try it out for myself.  it was about time that changed.  so in thefirst2hours of my visit to my former zip code,  i called up my “barrebabe” friend tracy for some inspiration, and a class schedule.  tracy has been a class instructor at the bar method in hermosa beach for over 5 years, and she rocks the barre bun like it’s going out of style!

i’m convinced that barre classes must be packed full of awesome women … because tracy is awesome, and because this work-out was the brain child of this fancy, german dancing lady:

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Shakti Activewear Side String Shorts Review

this week, i have yoga on the mind. i have been working my way back into yoga classes in an attempt to loosen up my  muscles and find more balance in my work out routine.  i took a 3 month hiatus from yoga that i can definitely feel in every class, every pose, and every second (i try not to watch) tick off the clock.

my aim is to be strong, push through the suffering, and fake it until i make it.  thankfully i can at least now look the part, as i recently upgraded from my volleyball spandex into a pair of official yoga shorts. Shakti Activewear Yoga Shorts. these bright blue beauties were calling my name off of the rack and have accompanied me to three classes thus far.

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Vegas Circuit Training

the last thing i expect when i travel to las vegas, is to encounter a group of dedicated fitness addicts. gamblers, obviously. bachelor and bachelorette groups, of course. partiers, without a doubt. but fitness addicts… that one was unexpected.

usually when i travel i try to incorporate my workouts in with my sight-seeing, and spend time outside.  but when i woke up, i looked out my window, and i saw this:

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Yo Yo Yogi

what do you get if you mix the best of yoga, with people that make you smile, with bum burnin’ booty camps, with the release and spectacle of yoga boogie, with regular meet ups to celebrate the people who love to love…. one of the top 10 yoga studios in the nation!

hello yo yo yogi! and thanks for having me.

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Sweat On, Toxins Off

in the world of yoga, there are bikram lovers, and there are flow lovers.  there are also a million styles of yoga in between, but most people lean one way or the other. bikram = sweaty structured classes and poses.  flow = warm flowly movements.  i really enjoy both. i love sweating my brains out in a bikram class, but sometimes the classes get mundane because it is the same routine, repeated overandoverandover again.  flow classes typically mix things up a bit more.  the pieces of the workout are the same, but how they come together varies.  and i love variation.

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This Girl Can

ladies and gents, and especially, ladies. i recently discovered a campaign that i can not go another day without sharing. “This Girl Can is an england based organization that celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look, or even how sweaty they get. they’re here to […]