much thanks to mapometer for enabling me to map out my runs for others to enjoy. below is a list of runs and their corresponding blog posts that can be found on my blog. this page will be updated on an ongoing basis and will feature runs from all around the USA, and, thefirst2hours, fitness, travel, upandatem, vanessa latimer

“ (short for mapping pedometer) is an international site providing runners, cyclists and walkers with an easy way to measure the distances of their runs, jogs, rides, walks and hikes using Google maps. It also provides training logs, altitude and elevation measuring and the ability to share routes. Used by athletes worldwide as a tool to train for marathons, half-marathons and triathlons and occasional joggers, mountain bikers and sports men and women to see how far they are going and keep fit.”


hiking blue lake, estes park, colorado,

When Life Gives You Lemons… Wake up at 4am and Meet at the Trailhead
Blue Lake Hike – Mapometer
Estes Park, Colorado


seattle, carkeek park, fitness, run, nature, trails, thefirst2hoursCarkeek Park Run and Birdsong
Carkeek Park Run- Mapometer
Seattle, Washington


run, idaho, boise, meridian, the village, fitness, thefirst2hoursFurbabies and a Kleiner Park Run
The Village at Meridian Run – Mapometer
Meridian, Idaho


palos verdes, california, thefirst2hours, hiking, portugese canyon, portugese bend reserve , south bay
Sunshine and a Palos Verdes Hike
Portugese Canyon Hike – Mapometer
Palos Verdes, California 


south bay, california, hermosa beach, manhattan beach, fitness, run, the strand, running trail, veteran's parkwayVeteran’s Parkway and the Strand Run
Veteran’s Parkway and the Strand Run – Mapometer
South Bay, California


running, run, the national mall, washington dc, lincoln memorial, jefferson memorial, washington monument, smithsonian, tidal basin, metro, weatherThe Glow of the National Mall
The National Mall Run – Mapometer 
Washington, D.C. 


forest park, portland, oregon, trail blazers, run, running, running trail, trail run, nature, green, inspiration, motivation, thefirst2hours, lululemon, voodoo donuts, fitness

Get Lost in Green
Forest Park Run – Mapometer
Portland, Oregon


mapometer, pedometer, trail run, bike trail, payette river lake, loop, mccall, idaho, vizsla

The Best Athlete I Ever Knew
Payette Lake Loop – Mapometer
McCall, Idaho 


run, idaho, boise, meridian, the village, fitness, thefirst2hoursMorning Conversations With Myself
The Village at Meridian Run – Mapometer
Meridian, Idaho

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