The 6th, Unmentioned Love Language – Activity

many of us have heard of the 5 love languages – the book, authored by Gary Chapman, and the concept, now commonly referenced in relationships world-wide. it discusses how we love others and how we want to be loved. it tells us there are five methods through which people express love: physical touch, acts of service, quality time, receiving gifts, and words of affirmation. but i would argue that there is one very significant love language missing from this list – activity.

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A Look Back – My One Year Blogging Anniversary

in january of 2015 i decided to launch a blog. i did so with a brief post, and some photos of the destination that inspired me to finally go live – Lake Tahoe. in the past year my blog has molded into a healthy living blog that encourages others to be active, to be outside, and to be themselves. in celebrating the one year anniversary of thefirst2hours, i thought i would share some of my favorite posts from 2015.

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10 Healthy Gift Giving Ideas

in the spirit of the holidays, i put together a list of 10 recommended healthy gift giving ideas. each of these items encourages healthy living; and i personally would burst at the seams if i found any of them under my tree.

while it is a bit late to be doing your holiday shopping on the eve of Christmas, i hope you will keep this fantastic companies and products in mind the next time you are looking to buy a gift.

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Gear Finder – Get Lost in Green

find the recommended activewear from previous post… “Get Lost in Green”



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Nike Dri-Fit Relay Tank

Purchase at for $27.99

Purchase similar, the Teaser Tank from Montiel Activewear for $28

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Gear Finder – Microfracture, and the One Orthopedic Problem There Isn’t a Real Solution For

find the workout clothes from previous post… Microfracture, and The One Orthopedic Problem There Isn’t a Real Solution For.




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Microfracture, and the One Orthopedic Problem There Isn’t a Real Solution For

4 days ago, i went on a hike with a friend who was squeezing in her last days of freedom before having a microfracture operation on her knee. 2 years, 4 months and 14 days ago, i had the same microfracture operation on my knee.

you may be wondering what microfracture is. i most certainly was when i was told it was the next course of action for my knee years ago. the surgery is almost completely unheard of in the general public. there are nearly zero on-line accounts documenting the process of microfracture and the recovery. and what one reads, isn’t encouraging, promising, or helpful.  so i have decided to change that. i had my surgery at the peak of my athletic career. one day i was competing on the professional beach volleyball circuit and the next i was told (from 5 different doctors) “you may never compete again. but we aren’t certain, because no one is certain. because microfracture isn’t proven, but it also isn’t unproven, and we have no other option for you.”

since i’ve had my surgery i have been able to act as a sounding board, and a support system for two friends and fellow athletes who have come to me for advice. one of which was kelli, with whom i embarked on this 8 mile “Out With the Old, and In With the New” hike last weekend. after a few hours of knee talk, i decided that others who are faced with the decision on microfracture, should be able to join in on our conversation. therefore i will be sharing posts about microfracture, my experience, and my perspectives, in hopes that it will provide others with some sort of comfort in this frustrating process.

i will preface these posts by saying that this is not medical advice. i do not have a medical background and this is simply me sharing my personal account with microfracture. i would also like to point out that microfracture is likely a very different experience for someone who is not highly active. but for those whose happiness is greatly influenced by their activity levels, i hope these posts can provide more information on this operation and overall experience.

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Surround Yourself with Positivity

who we choose to surround ourselves with, greatly influences our lives. parents push children to hang out in the right crowds. those in the religious community continually preach fellowship. in our professional lives, we seek mentors that show us how we can reach higher.  in nearly ever facet of life, we are told to surround ourselves with positive people who encourage us to be better; yet for some reason, we rarely talk about surrounding our selves with an environment that encourages positivity.  i would argue that is it more than the who in our surroundings that influences us, but also the what.

this past weekend my surroundings undoubtedly made me a better person as i adventured through Vashon Island with some of the best people i know – my parents and a dear friend who’s spirit is infectious. Read More »

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When Life Gives you Lemons… Wake up at 4am and Meet at the Trail Head

every year i spend time in Colorado for work.  often times my work trips are spent in cities, but on this particular occasion, i knew i had meetings in Estes Park, Colorado.  the thought had me squirming with enthusiasm.  it was a work trip, and a busy one at that, but when life gives you lemons, you wake up at 4am, drive 45 minutes to meet Mr J and his pup at the trailhead, and squeeze in a 10 mile hike before the work day begins.

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Loading up on “Vitamin G”

getting my outdoor fix, means getting my sanity; and apparently i am not the only one.  some experts now refer to time in green space as “Vitamin G,” and their studies have shown extensive benefits in getting outside.  it is no secret that i love to be outside, as is demonstrated here, here, here and here.

and in desperation to fill up on Vitamin G last week, i set out for the foothills, for a family outing and a half day hike.

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