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The Griffey Swing

this past weekend was busy.  wedding busy.  but even during weddings, it is important to move our bodies, and man did we move. it was a full weekend of the griffey swing.

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Village Fun Runs

i love the month of may.  flowers are blooming. the sun is shining. and outdoor activities are on everyone’s mind.  this year’s may has been even more exciting with big news in the boise area  – we have weekly fun runs!

i recently discovered that the treasure valley is getting a new local running / fitness store, and i am stoked! Fleet Feet Sports is due to open it’s doors in The Village at Meridian this july; but because local owners Brandon and Kimberly Frank are so excited to get involved in the community now, they have decided to bring us fun runs a few months early! woohoo!

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Morning Persons

recently, i was asked about the meaning of my blog name, and i thought i would reiterate that answer here, as it is relevant to this post:

“thefirst2hours, are the favorite two hours of my days.  i love stepping outside before the sun rises, and being surrounded by silence.  those moments of solitude are the most beautiful moments i know, and they are precious to my being.

thefirst2hours are also the most important two hours of my days.  life in this day and age is busy, and it has become far too easy to compromise our health for all of our obligations.  but ultimately, it is our decision to make. it is within those first2hours, that i vow i will wake up early, get outside, raise my heart rate, see the world, and not waste those precious moments.  i choose to make myself a priority.”

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Sweat On, Toxins Off

in the world of yoga, there are bikram lovers, and there are flow lovers.  there are also a million styles of yoga in between, but most people lean one way or the other. bikram = sweaty structured classes and poses.  flow = warm flowly movements.  i really enjoy both. i love sweating my brains out in a bikram class, but sometimes the classes get mundane because it is the same routine, repeated overandoverandover again.  flow classes typically mix things up a bit more.  the pieces of the workout are the same, but how they come together varies.  and i love variation.

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Diversity and Destiny at the Go West Beer Fest

one of the many reasons i loved living in d.c. is the diversity of people.  but in speaking of diversity, i am not only speaking about the very present international diversity, but also the diversity of people from various parts of the u.s.  with the transient nature of the government, there are always friends to be made from every part of the country and world.  and generally speaking, they embrace each other with copious enthusiasm.  whether someone is from idaho, or vietnam, or maryland, or australia, or even maine (yes those were all the homes of my former rooomates) they all gather in d.c. in pursuit of great careers.  and they bond over their shared aspirations of making our world a better place.

it is much easier to meet someone from one’s home state if they grew up in new york, or texas. but when they hail from a western “fly over state” the frequency of those run-ins naturally diminishes. and consequently the excitement that occurs when those run-ins do occur, shoots through the roof.

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Fur Babies and a Kleiner Park Run

home is where the pups live.

when you combine my travel schedule, with the schedule of my fiancé Joe, it occasionally means that i am greeted by two loving guys when i come home from a work trip, instead of three.  meet the three guys in my life:  fisher (the fur ball), gunner (the jumper), and joe (the hunky mountain man).

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