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TunesDay – Work B$@tch

Music makes us move. Moving makes us healthy. Music makes us healthy.

This week’s motivational song is…

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Odina Surf Bombora Bikini Top

it is important to go through the check list of requirements when searching for the ideal beach volleyball competition top:

1. comfortable

2. no adjustable strings to slide around

3. no pressure on shoulders

4. looks good

5. holds the girls in place

6. wicking material that can handle the sand and sweat

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Battling to the Center Court Finals

Last week was another successful week of volleyball.  It was a challenging week of volleyball as well; but how we fight through those challenging moments, is the greatest determinant of our long-term success.  And we pushed through our trials, all the way to the championship match.

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An Ode to Women

tomorrow is international women’s day, and in preparation, i thought it only appropriate to write an ode to women.

rather than writing about the women who have been instrumental in the progression of life and equality across the globe (thank you to those magnificent ladies), i wanted to write about the women who have been instrumental in the progression of MY life.  the following women feed my soul; and in their own unique ways, they provide me with ongoing inspiration to reach higher toward becoming a better version of myself.

it would be impossible to name every inspirational women in my life, but here are few that immediately come to mind:

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This Girl Can

ladies and gents, and especially, ladies. i recently discovered a campaign that i can not go another day without sharing. “This Girl Can is an england based organization that celebrates the women who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look, or even how sweaty they get. they’re here to […]