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A Look Back – My One Year Blogging Anniversary

in january of 2015 i decided to launch a blog. i did so with a brief post, and some photos of the destination that inspired me to finally go live – Lake Tahoe. in the past year my blog has molded into a healthy living blog that encourages others to be active, to be outside, and to be themselves. in celebrating the one year anniversary of thefirst2hours, i thought i would share some of my favorite posts from 2015.

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Gear Finder – Get Lost in Green

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Nike Dri-Fit Relay Tank

Purchase at for $27.99

Purchase similar, the Teaser Tank from Montiel Activewear for $28

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Why Many Athletes Hate (yet still can’t give up) Yoga

two and a half years ago my days as a high intensity athlete became numbered due to injury, so i decide to try out yoga. for two and a half years i have been an on-again, off-again yogi. for two and a half years i have vacillated between loving yoga, and hating yoga. and after two and a half years, and a particularly challenging class this week, i have decided to discuss some of the reasons that i, and many athletes, hate (yet still can’t give up) yoga.Read More »

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Gear Finder – Good Exercise for Bad Knees

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TunesDay – Work B$@tch

Music makes us move. Moving makes us healthy. Music makes us healthy.

This week’s motivational song is…

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Good Exercise for Bad Knees

“just wait until you turn 30,” everyone said. “that’s when everything starts to go downhill.” i refused to believe them. i was the exception to the rule. i was in better shape than most.  i was fit. i was strong. and i took good care of my body.  but there was one thing i didn’t account for – my joints.  joint problems are a commonality amongst lifetime athletes; and although i had never had any orthopedic issues in my life, i celebrated my thirtieth on crutches, a week after having microfracture surgery on my right knee.  ever since i have been trying to replace all of the good exercises that were previously performed on my good knee, with good exercises that could be performed on my bad knee.

discovering exercises that were knee friendly was not a challenge.  but discovering knee exercises that were knee friendly and that i actually enjoyed was a huge feat.

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My Best Workout Partner – the Stopwatch

many moons ago, while i was a collegiate athlete, i lifted heavy weights because i was trying to perform better on the court…. NOT!  of course i wanted to perform better on the court, but the truth is that i lifted heavy weights because my coaches forced me to. i definitely gained plenty of muscle with their weight training program (more than i would have liked to be honest); however i was completely uncomfortable in my own skin, and i did not notice any significant improvements in my game.

these days, i have changed my style of working out to better align with my goals. i traded in my olympic weight training platform, for a new workout partner – my stopwatch – and i have never once looked back. for the majority of the population whose goal is to tone and trim, i can’t recommend adding a stopwatch to your workouts enough.

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Gear Finder – The Bar Method

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How China Influenced my Circuit Training

many minutes of my life have been spent devising plans on how i can better grasp an understanding of this big wide world that surrounds us. there are 196 countries in the world, each with its own subset of cultures, people, lifestyles, and lessons, waiting to capture our attention and influence our lives.

every new country and culture i’ve experienced has forced me to become more open-minded. i take away new ideas on how i can better my life with each new experience.  one way to define each of those lifestyles, is through the methods of activity in each country. and china was no exception to that rule.

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I Wear My Qalo

i am sure i’m not surprising anyone who has kept up with me on thefirst2hours when i say that i love workout partners. anyone who has ever played on a team can relate to the indescribable bonding that ensues hard work toward a common goal. it is motivating, fun, and for me, it yields greater results.

as life has progressed and i have gotten older, finding workout partners become exceedingly more difficult. especially when i chose to move to a more conservative state, where everyone has kids young in life. finding girlfriends to work out with in idaho has been a challenge. and i get nostalgic for the good ol days of being surrounded by a community of women who are as eager as i am to be active, and fit, together.

but there is a silver lining, i have my joe. recently i got engaged to a good-looking mountain man. there is no better work-out partner to have, than the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. staying fit is a priority in joe’s life as well. being active is what keeps us sane, and we get to be active together, forever.

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