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Week One of the December Beginner’s Yoga Challenge

This December, I made a commitment to yoga with the 2015 Beginner’s Yoga Challenge. This challenge is hosted by 2 professional yogis – BEACHYOGAGIRL and KINOYOGA – and one host/sponsor – MANTRAYOGA. As the name suggests, this is a yoga challenge for beginners. I have been working on the basic asanas in hopes of being able to further my practice in 2016. Every day a new pose.
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Lululemon Studio Racerback Tank Review

this week i am kicking off december, with a yoga challenge.  and because we are talking about yoga, i thought it only appropriate to introduce a recommended yoga top. i don’t always yoga with a tank, but if i do, this is my tank of choice.  the studio racerback tank from lululemon.

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Getting Back to the Basics with a Beginners Yoga Challenge

this december, and in 2016, i am making a commitment to yoga. historically, yoga and i have had an unstable relationship; but the further along we get in our relationship, the more i’ve realized why i keep going back for more. i know where i want to go from here, and i have set some goals to help me get there.

to advance my yoga practice, i first have to take it back to the basics and master the asanas that are the foundation of the practice. from december 1 – 24 i will join a group of yogis in the Beginner Yoga 2015 Challenge. every day a new pose. i welcome others to join me.

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